How long should I be able to accommodate people looking for accommodation?
In the form you can choose all periods yourself

How do I contact those looking for accommodation?
You will receive an email from us with contact details and needs of those looking for accommodation. You can then either contact them directly or get back to us if the requirements do not correspond to your offer.

How long should my offer be valid?
First, plan with a perspective of at least four weeks. You can arrange more details directly with the accommodation seeker.

Do I need language skills?
Indicate your language skills. Due to the current emergency situation, in many cases we have to make do without common language skills. If you wish to speak a common language, you can indicate this in the message.

What is the legal status?
After checking your entry, your contact details will be published on our site and those seeking help can contact you. Beyond that, you do not enter into any contractual relationship with us. You make no payments to us.

What happens to my entered data?
The data is collected and stored by exclusively for the purposes of this initiative and is only used to enable matching to requests for accommodation and to establish contact. High data protection standards are a matter of course for us.

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