Costs / Financial Support

Who bears the costs (for groceries, electricity, clothing, hygiene items, mobility, internet, etc.) that are additionally incurred during the accommodation?
You can be sure that people from Ukraine usually have their own financial resources. Accommodation is provided free of charge as part of #Accommodation Ukraine. You can discuss the sharing of additional costs with your guests after arrival. You can find out how to access free offers, such as food, from the daily press and the websites of your municipality, church communities and aid organizations.

Do I or the fugitives receive financial support?
Currently not. The federal government is developing the regulations for people arriving from Ukraine. link

Do I have to provide means of transport during the accommodation?

Who can I contact to organize psychological support for the refugees? By whom is appropriate pastoral care offered to the people?
There is a great willingness to help from organizations and churches, so there are certainly offers in your area. Information about this can be found in the daily press, the website of your local community, the church community or the large aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Caritas, Diakonie etc.