• General

    How long should I be able to accommodate people looking for accommodation?
    In the form you can choose all periods yourself

    How do I contact those looking for accommodation?
    You will receive an email from us with contact details and needs of those looking for accommodation. You can then either contact them directly or get back to us if the requirements do not correspond to your offer.

    How long should my offer be valid?
    First, plan with a perspective of at least four weeks. You can arrange more details directly with the accommodation seeker.

    Do I need language skills?
    Indicate your language skills. Due to the current emergency situation, in many cases we have to make do without common language skills. If you wish to speak a common language, you can indicate this in the message.

    What is the legal status?
    After checking your entry, your contact details will be published on our site and those seeking help can contact you. Beyond that, you do not enter into any contractual relationship with us. You make no payments to us.

    What happens to my entered data?
    The data is collected and stored by ez-verbindet.de exclusively for the purposes of this initiative and is only used to enable matching to requests for accommodation and to establish contact. High data protection standards are a matter of course for us.

    (see privacy policy)

  • mediation / selection

    Is there a meeting beforehand?
    Since there is an acute need for the refugees to find accommodation, it is unfortunately not possible to get to know each other in advance.

    What happens if there are problems during the treatment? Can I cancel the accommodation earlier in this case?
    If problems arise, it is always possible to end the accommodation early. However, since the accommodation is private assistance, we ask those helping to find a solution on their own.

    What happens to people after emergency treatment? After the time I have indicated, what will happen to the people I have hosted?
    If you decide to accommodate people with you, we ask you to independently coordinate with them about their further needs. If you are not able to continue to offer your accommodation yourself and do not know anyone who can take over this afterwards, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Can I specify a specific period for the reception of the refugees?
    Yes, this is possible via the mask on the registration page.

    When and how quickly will the refugees reach me?
    Since the arrival of refugees in Germany is currently difficult to predict, we cannot make any reliable statements on this. Any arrival date from today is possible.

    What equipment/furnishings is necessary to be able to accommodate people? (e.g. sofa bed instead of bed, furnish living room with mattresses, etc.)
    There are no special equipment requirements. When registering on the website, you are welcome to indicate if you can only provide a sofa bed, air mattress or similar. As this is an emergency situation, we appreciate any help.

  • Legal

    How long can people from Ukraine officially stay in Germany without a residence permit or other official papers?
    People from Ukraine can enter the country without a visa and stay for at least 90 days, an extension is possible. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has compiled further information on the stay for people from Ukraine in Germany. link

    Do I have to take people to the office or other administrative procedures?
    No, there is no such obligation.

    Who vouches for the persons admitted?
    The federal government is currently developing regulations for granting protection to people from Ukraine who enter Germany.

    Do I have to inform my landlord about the additional people in my apartment/house?
    In any case, this is advisable.

    Who is liable in the event of damage? What about insurance claims?
    As in any case where someone culpably causes damage, the person is liable for it; if insurance is in place, it may materialize.

    What happens if the refugee falls ill? Do you have health insurance?
    All arrivals should find out what steps they need to take upon arrival, including the question of health insurance.

  • Costs / Financial Support

    Who bears the costs (for groceries, electricity, clothing, hygiene items, mobility, internet, etc.) that are additionally incurred during the accommodation?
    You can be sure that people from Ukraine usually have their own financial resources. Accommodation is provided free of charge as part of #Accommodation Ukraine. You can discuss the sharing of additional costs with your guests after arrival. You can find out how to access free offers, such as food, from the daily press and the websites of your municipality, church communities and aid organizations.

    Do I or the fugitives receive financial support?
    Currently not. The federal government is developing the regulations for people arriving from Ukraine. link

    Do I have to provide means of transport during the accommodation?

    Who can I contact to organize psychological support for the refugees? By whom is appropriate pastoral care offered to the people?
    There is a great willingness to help from organizations and churches, so there are certainly offers in your area. Information about this can be found in the daily press, the website of your local community, the church community or the large aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Caritas, Diakonie etc.

  • Covid-19

    I want to help, but at the same time protect myself (and my family) from Corona. Will all people take a corona test before being accommodated?
    According to the Coronavirus Entry Ordinance, there is only a general obligation to test before entering the country, but no longer a quarantine or registration requirement. In the case of war refugees and displaced persons, the Federal Police will deal with the situation pragmatically. For example, voluntary tests are offered at the border upon entry. Medical professionals will be consulted in case of Covid symptoms.

    Is the vaccination status of the people to be accommodated checked first?

    Are the refugees entitled to the free Corona citizen test?

  • Other questions

    Are there care offers for the refugees?
    Information about this can be found in the daily press, the website of your local community, the church community or the large aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Caritas, Diakonie etc.

    Can an interpreter be provided for me?
    Information about this can be found in the daily press, the website of your local community, the church community or the large aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Caritas, Diakonie etc.